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ASPIRE: Adult Opportunity Center: 1-800-628-7722  x2687
The Aspire program offers service for improving the basic skills of reading, writing, and math. Adults can enroll for self-improvement in any of the areas below.

  • Adult literacy
  • College refresher/readiness course
  • GED preparation including practice test (only offered at the GED Testing Center)
  • Nursing program preparation
  • Reading, writing and math improvement
  • Workforce education.
  • Parents can enroll to be better equipped at helping their children with homework

The program is offered FREE to any individual who is at least 16* years of age. All books and materials are provided and no fees are charged for instruction.

Digital Literacy, Continuous Learning & Technology Help

OhioMeansJobs Assessment and Training Center!
Career and College assessment training.

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